Owned and operated by John L. Schmitt in Portland, OR, USA. Post Sound Lab offers dedicated creative services that will fully optimize your project for any specific market.

With roots in circuit bending devices to enhance sound production, John enjoys assembling various electronic gadgets and gear designed for sonic excavation. Synthesizers, modular, and effect pedals are the type of gear you will find them building in the lab.

Providing over a decade of experience in sound design, audio mixing, post-production, and mastering, past clients include LookingGlass Records and [tlr]. Web design, electronics, and social media are mediums in which they are also active.

Working courteously with customers locally and worldwide, our aim is to achieve the best end results in the least amount of time for the best possible value. Look to Post Sound Lab for seamless media solutions to integrate with and exceed the industry standard.

Feel free to contact me about your project needs.