As part of the Music Technology program I am in at school, along with audio engineering and electronics I’ve also been doing some projects related to sound for film. In the following clip, you’ll hear foley (sound effects), ADR (automated dialog replacement), and final post-production mixing/mastering done by me instead of the original audio.

Working with sound in this way can often be a challenge when trying to go for a precise aesthetic or mood. I tried not to delve too far into the future for a lot of the foley sounds in this example so that it would work better with the older-style cartoon overall. Utilizing a lot of analog synth gear from the project studio at school, such as the Moog Voyager and Moogerfooger effects, definitely aided in executing a more authentic soundtrack in that regard. My least favorite part in this clip is the voice acting I did, as it would my first attempt to try such a feat. Perhaps a bit more practice or other voice actors will help next time around.

Making an impact by conveying stories through the connection between visual and audio components is an achievement that I take great pride in. Overall, I have to say that this field is something that I will have to be involved a lot more with in the near future.